Sometimes it’s not enough talking to friends and family. It may feel good to talk to someone who is emotionally neutral and not in dependency to one’s self. Someone to open up to and talk about living conditions to just as it is. 

RFSL Örebro offers emotionally supportive, advisory and coaching counseling around topics concerning lgbtqi (homosexuality, bisexuality, trans identity, queer identity and intersex conditions). The support is mainly aimed for people from 13 years and older living in Örebro county. There can be many reasons for seeking counseling. Down below you find common topics in counseling sessions.

  • Exploring sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expressions
  • “Coming out” as a lgbtqi person or with another sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Relation to family, partner/s, friends and other acquaintances
  • Socially vulnerable and mental illness (crisis, anxiety, stress)
  • Identity and self esteem
  • Sex and the body
  • Parenthood (for rainbow parents or parents to lgbtqi children)
  • The asylum process

For support needs we cannot help you with we will refer you to someone else, for example with:

Experience of being victim of violence or discrimination, family- and couple therapy, authority based economical, psychiatric and social help, asylum application, police report, job seeking etc.

The form of the counseling sessions
We offer a maximum of 6-9 counseling sessions à 45min, whence one short 30 minute meeting where we estimate your need of support and the purpose of the meetings. Please inform us if you are in need of an interpreter. Be on time. If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting you have to inform us at least 24 hours before. By missing a meeting you are responsible yourself of reaching out to us again, after six months without hearing from you we will end our contact automatically. We write down information from our contact according to GDPR*.

You can reach us by phone number 019 – 14 42 32, by email to

Visiting address
RFSL Örebro
Västra nobelgatan 19
703 55 Örebro.

*We save personal data in a closed system for documentation: Name, contacts, birth information, gender identity and information about your support needs. You can request these notes about you anytime during the time we save your information. When your contact with the counselor has ended the notes will be saved for 26 months from that date and with after that be erased from our system. You can demand that we erase your saved information anytime.