Health, Sex and HIVRFSL

RFSL Örebro works to improve LGBTQ people's physical and mental health. We offer advice, crisis- and support counselling.

RFSL Örebro gives you the opportunity to talk to the branch’s own counsellor.

Contact us regarding:

  • Sexual identity
  • Gender identity
  • Coming out processes
  • Sexual health, safer sex and HIV/STI
  • Being subject to threats/violence in close relationships
  • Discrimination, harassment, hate crimes
  • Asylum

The visits are free of charge. If you want, you can remain anonymous and you don’t have to be a member of RFSL. We have professional secrecy.

We are here for people who live in Örebro län.

Contact us to make an appointment

Telephone: 019-144232 (the office)

Telephone (Cristian Rehn): 076-326 31 75

Telephone (Lo Hagberg): 070-2700389


Why speak to a counsellor?

Sometimes talking to family and friends is not enough. It can feel good to meet with someone who is neutral and isn’t dependent on you. Someone you can confide in and talk about your life exactly how it is, without the them reacting so strongly that you have to be mindful of their feelings.

There can be many reasons for seeking counselling in issues concerning homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, trans and queer. It is often about the norms of our society and power structures making it hard to live as you want or have equal possibilities as others.

There can be a few worries that you have as an LGBTQ person, like for example that parents don’t always understand or respect that you want to live in a different way than they do. Oftentimes people can be afraid of society’s possibly negative attitude towards LGBTQ people. Sometimes you worry too much in advance. One can get caught up in consideration and avoid showing who you really are.

Being subject to threats and violence in close relationships, either by a partner or by parents, is something that can be hard to talk about. Hate crimes in the street, around pubs and gay venues is another hazard for LGBTQ people. As a homo-, bi-, trans- or queer person there’s often an insecurity about where to turn and what support society can give. We give you support and guidance in these situations.

To learn to sort out, process and talk about your feelings and troubles with someone is a starting point in being able to handle difficult situations, feel better and to be able to claim the space and direction you want in life.