What is Testpoint?
Testpoint is for you who are a man who have sex with men, for you who are a trans person and for you who are an lgbtqi person who recently came to Sweden. You can also get tested here if you are a lgbtqi person and you’ve had sex for compensation.

Testpoint makes HIV testing more accessible by providing services at night and in places other than healthcare centers and hospitals. You don’t need to make an appointment, just show up.

The test is anonymous. We don’t keep records of your visit and you don’t need to identify yourself. We have a survey that you can partake in, but it’s voluntary.

The test is free of charge.

How is the test taken?
The test is taken by a pinprick in the finger and a few drops of blood are mixed with reagents which are poured into a test kit. You will get the results after about 15 minutes.

If the test shows that you’re HIV positive?
If the test indicates that you might be HIV positive you will get rapid access to healthcare and a lab test at the infection clinic at Örebro University Hospital.

Do you need an interpreter during the test?
Contact us via e-mail well ahead of your visit to orebro@rfsl.se.

Where and when?
Where: RFSL Örebro’s premises (Västra nobelgatan 19)

When: thursdays 16:30-19:00

About the project
Testpoint Örebro is a a cooperation between RFSL Örebro and Region Örebro county, and the project was started by RFSL Örebro, 2016. The testing staff are people who have a very good knowledge of HIV, sex and sexuality and they have been especially trained to conduct HIV testing and counselling.

Read more about RFSL’s project Testpoint here.