Sexperterna work for an improved sexual health on the Internet, at bars and in parks. You might have seen our happy communicators on Stockholm's club scene some time?

Sexperterna gives information on safer sex and hands out free condoms. Their work is aimed at men who have sex with men and trans people. We are sex positive and use the peer-2-peer method, which means that our communicators are part of the target group themselves.

Sexperterna can be seen with our condom bar in Örebro’s nightlife. If you want us to come to you, please get in touch.

Sexperterna’s website has more good information about sex and safer sex. There’s a questions box, a chat, an SMS reminder to go get tested and more. All information has been checked by Venhälsan.

sexperterna skönare sex

MORE ENJOYABLE SEX Are you into loving threesomes, casual contacts or just want to be a better lover? Click here and you’ll find lots of tips on what you can do with your hands and the rest of your body.

sexperterna din kropp

YOUR BODY For some pleasure is in a certain body part, others have the ability to feel sexually stimulated in the entire body. Click here and read more about your body and erogenous zones.

sexperterna testning pepp

TESTING & PEP Do you get tested every six twelve month? There are lots of reasons to get tested. Some do it regularly, others when they feel worried after having had unprotected sex. Read more here about things that can be good to think about when you get tested.

sexperterna flirt karlek

FLIRTING & LOVE Whether you’re looking for Mr Right or Mr Right Now the dating jungle can be difficult to navigate. How do you flirt? How do you keep a relationship interesting? Klick here and read more.

sexperterna fakta

FACTS Under this headline you’ll find fact filled articles about sexually transmitted illnesses, alcohol/drugs and the communicable diseases act. Here you will also find Sexperterna’s questions box!



The Sexpert’s communicators

Do you want to be a part of an organisation that works with safer sex, HIV and sexual health for guys and trans people? We’re looking for you who think that HIV is an important issue that we need to talk more about, and wants to get involved in Sexperterna’s outreach program on the Internet and in Örebro’s night life.

You as a communicator should be part of our target group. You need no prior knowledge, most important is that you have an interest in safer sex. We offer you a training in order for you to be able to do the work.

Does this sound like something for you? Send an e-mail where you introduce yourself, tell us if you have any prior experience, and what makes you suitable for the work to