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Testing Reminder

Many go to their dentist regularly. You receive a notice and it helps you keep tabs on your dental health. Unfortunately many don't check their sexual health as regularly. We know we should, but sometimes it gets a bit too far between testing sessions. RFSL and Sexperterna can now offer free reminders by text message!


Testpoint is for you who are a man who have sex with men, for you who are a trans person…


RFSL Örebro works to improve LGBTQ people's physical and mental health. We offer advice, crisis- and support counselling.


Sexperterna work for an improved sexual health on the Internet, at bars and in parks. You might have seen our happy communicators on Stockholm's club scene…

Other Support

Health is about feeling good mentally and physically. It's also about functioning well socially, in the working life/school or among friends and family, regardless of gender…