Testing Reminder

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Many go to their dentist regularly. You receive a notice and it helps you keep tabs on your dental health. Unfortunately many don't check their sexual health as regularly. We know we should, but sometimes it gets a bit too far between testing sessions. RFSL and Sexperterna can now offer free reminders by text message!

Testing reminder via text message

How often do you get tested? Get a reminder every three, six or twelve months!

Sign up by sending 3, 6 or 12 to 71111 depending on whether you want a reminder every third, sixth or twelfth months. The text message costs no more than a regular SMS, and text messages you receive are of course free.

We will not use your mobile number for something other than the reminders. Total privacy!

Sign up now, get the text messages on your mobile and you have one less thing to think about.



 You can do a quick test for HIV at RFSL’s Testpoint. Read more here.