LGBTQ Certification


The risk of ill health increases drastically in environments where there is prejudice and harassment. At the same time it's been shown that those who work actively with diversity get a positive economic growth and development. To work actively for a more inclusive society actually contributes to healthy and engaged people as well as to increased growth.

With RFSL's LGBTQ certification your organisation will get tools for a norm critical process, an improved working environment and a more welcoming reception from an LGBTQ perspective.

All organisations benefit from becoming more inclusive, whether in the private or public sector. To do an LGBTQ certification is a structured and goal oriented way of bettering the working environment as well as the treatment of people.

LGBTQ certification Örebro Län

The following organisations in Örebro län are LGBTQ certified:

Ungdomsmottagningen i Örebro län: Hallsberg

Ungdomsmottagningen i Örebro län: Karlskoga

Ungdomsmottagningen i Örebro län: Knuffen i Örebro

Ungdomsmottagningen i Örebro län: Lindesberg

STD-mottagningen på Universitetssjukhuset Örebro

Ängens vårdcentral

For more information on LGBTQ certified organisations in the country see the following link.


Download a brochure about LGBTQ certification. (in Swedish)