RFSL Örebro’s LGBTQ certification is aimed at organisations who want to excel in LGBTQ issues – both in theory and practice. During two initial days the participants get a substantial knowledge in sex, gender, sexuality and sexual orientation. Focus is on change – how can the organisation work to prevent discrimination? What does a norm critical organizational development entail? The content of the education is tailor made to suit the organisation’s needs. The following elements are always part of the two first days of the course:  
  • Basic terminology – what is LGBTQ? 
  • Deepened discussion on sex, gender, heteronormativity, queer and intersectionality. 
  • Trans experiences – different perspectives and identities. 
  • Current legislation – human rights and the legislation on discrimination. 
  • LGBTQ people’s health – salutogenic perspectives. 
  • Treatment of LGBTQ people – practical tips. 
  • Norm critical organizational development – focus on furthering health and preventing discrimination. 

Based on the knowledge the participants have gotten during the first two course days they create, together with the course leader, a homework that they do in their organisations. After six months there is a last get-together. Now the participants show the work for change that they have started and receive tips about how the organisation can keep developing. The participants get their certificates. 

After a certification the organisation gets to use RFSL Örebro’s logo on their website, in information material and in their premises. RFSL Örebro advertises the organisations that have been certified on its website. The organisation also gets login information and access to RFSL Örebro’s educational material online.