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LGBTQ Certification

The risk of ill health increases drastically in environments where there is prejudice and harassment. At the same time it's been shown that those who work actively with diversity get a positive economic growth and development. To work actively for a more inclusive society actually contributes to healthy and engaged people as well as to increased growth. With RFSL's LGBTQ certification your organisation will get tools for a norm critical process, an improved working environment and a more welcoming reception from an LGBTQ perspective.


RFSL Örebro's LGBTQ certification is aimed at organisations who want to excel in LGBTQ issues – both in theory and practice. During two initial days the participants get a substantial knowledge in sex, gender, sexuality and sexual orientation. Focus is on change – how can the organisation work to prevent discrimination? What does a norm critical organizational…

LGBTQ and Honor

Basic terms – what is LGBTQ? Trans experiences – different perspectives and identities. What is honor related violence and oppression? Briefly about treatment, investigation and risk assessment. Structure and scope: A half-day training of 3 hours. Price: 8 500 kr

LGBTQ – Basic and Advanced

Basic terms – what is LGBTQ? Deepened discussion on sex, gender, heteronormativity and queer. Trans experiences – different perspectives and identities. Treatment of LGBTQ people –…


Grundläggande begrepp – vad är hbtq? Vad är heteronormativitet? Transerfarenheter – olika perspektiv och identiteter och såklart bemötande av hbtq-personer – praktiska tips


Emmie Särnstedt Emmie has a masters degree in gender studies and works as a lecturer and investigator. She has a long experience in doing trainings about…

School Information

90 minutes school information This information is for students in grades 7-9 and highschool students. LGBTQ information, history and norms. (School communicator) 1950 SEK 90 minutes education Basic LGBTQ…