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Health, Sex and HIVRFSL

Health is about feeling good mentally and physically. It's also about functioning well socially, in the working life/school or among friends and family, regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation. And it can be about sexual health – to have a good sex life and be comfortable with one's sexuality and its expression.


noaks ark

Noaks ark was Sweden’s first organisation to work with HIV prevention and to support the sick and their families. They have a network of regionally active Noaks Ark associations in Sweden that offer different kinds of activities and support to those who live with HIV and their families. Together they do HIV preventative work for HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses. By informing and educating they want to contribute to an increased knowledge and awareness of HIV.

Together RFSL Örebro and Noaks Ark organize a HIV get-together in Örebro.

posithiva gruppen

Posithiva Gruppen is a national organisation for people who live with HIV. Their primary target group is MSM (men who have sex with men), but today parts of their work is directed at everybody who lives with HIV, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Their aim is to gather people who live with HIV for education, contact, strengthening of relationships, give support and offer psychosocial activities.

region örebro län

STD-mottagningen in Örebro is for you who:

  • Wants to get tested after having unprotected sex
  • Have been requested to get tested by a partner who has been treated for a sexually transmitted illness
  • Have or think you have a sexually transmitted illness
  • Wants counselling on sexually transmitted illnesses
  • Wants to get tested for HIV

STD-mottagningen in Örebro is LGBTQ certified, which means that the staff have been educated during one year in receiving and treating LGBTQ people in a good way.

Call 019-602 25 76 to make an appointment.


UMO is a national youth clinic online for young people between 13-25. At UMO you can get knowledge about the body, sex, relationships, mental health, alcohol and drugs, self esteem and lots more. You can get answers to your questions or get new ideas about how you can think about your life.

At Fråga UMO everybody between 13 and 25 can ask questions anonymously and get a personal answer from someone who works at UMO or at a youth clinic. Those who answer the questions are nurses, midwives, counsellors, doctors, psychologists or dietitians. At Fråga UMO you can also read other’s questions and answers.


rfsl newcomers

RFSL Newcomers is a network for LGBTQ asylum-seeking, undocumented, and newly arrived people. Our members come from all parts of the world and have often experienced persecution in their native countries because of their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Newcomers was created because many asylum-seeking and newly arrived LGBTQ people feel that they are not given proper support or information about their rights when they arrive in Sweden. Today, Newcomers is a support group as well as a social meeting space. We organize regular get-togethers with activities and advice. There are Newcomers groups in many RFSL branches across Sweden, offering different levels of engagement and support.

Our goal is to strengthen the members’ identities and voices by creating meeting spaces where they can share their experiences, build relationships, and meet friends.

With Newcomers we want to provide a safe gathering place and platform where our members can meet, claim their space and be heard. Newcomers also assist with legal counselling in asylum cases.

Telephone: +4673-509 17 27
Phone hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 09:00-12:00
E-mail: newcomers@rfsl.se
Newcomers Örebro organizes get-togethers regularly. Read more here.

Support or counselling in asylum related issues

RFSL’s National Office have many ways of helping you who are an LGBTQ person with support or counselling in asylum related issues. Our asylum lawyers can help you with questions about anything from the asylum process to legislation, but RFSL also has a Crime Victim Support that you as an LGBTQ person can contact.

You find the contact information of RFSL’s National Office’s asylum lawyers and public counsels here.

The law and the asylum process

Here RFSL has gathered a few facts about the asylum processess’ different steps and relevant legislation. Here you can also get advice on how to best make your case heard as an asylum seeking LGBTQ person, how you can strengthen your case and what your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker are.

Crime victim

rfsl brottsofferjour

RFSL’s Crime Victim Support offers crime victim support to LGBTQ people who have experienced abuse, threats, and violence. Sometimes these acts are criminal, but not always. Family and friends of individuals, as well as those working with vulnerable LGBTQ people, are welcome to seek information and assistance from RFSL’s Crime Victim Support.

Individual support is provided on site, through phone calls and/or via e-mail. The calls are free of charge and confidential, and callers can remain anonymous.

All the staff is employed and has training and experience in counselling with LGBTQ people who are subject to violence. The person that you talk is bound by professional secrecy.

RFSL provides:

  • individual emergency counselling, or several processing counselling sessions
  • information about rights
  • assistance with care and contact with authorities
  • support with reporting crime and the legal process
  • contact with complainant’s counsel
  • safe and secure sheltered living accommodation for two people in Stockholm


Telephone: 020-34 13 16 (free)

Telephone hours:
Monday 16.00–18.00, Tuesday 10.00–12.00
Thursday 14.00-16.00, and Friday 9.00–11.00

E-mail: boj@rfsl.se

brottsofferjouren örebro-lekeberg

Brottsofferjouren Örebro-Lekeberg is a non-profit organisation that works for crime victims, witnesses and family and friends. They offer support in the contact with the police, prosecutor, court and other authorities. You can also get help with insurance- and damages issues and information about the legal action and its actors.

Telephone: 019-12 14 44 / 070-662 72 72
Phone hours: Monday-Thursday 9.00-11.30 and 12.30-16.00 and Friday 9.00-12.00
E-mail: info@orebro-lekeberg.boj.se

SOS alarm number

In an emergency, call 112.

Sex for compensation

rfsl pegasus

Pegasus is run by RFSL Ungdom and is for you who are 15-25, LGBTQ and have thoughts about sex for compensation. You can chat anonymously with RFSL Ungdom’s staff. Du kan bland annat chatta omYou can for example chat about:

  • Thoughts about sex for compensation
  • Setting boundaries
  • Something that’s happened in connection with sex for compensation
  • That you’ve been offered something in return for sex
  • Something you’re worried about
  • Where to go for testing of sexually transmitted illnesses and HIV
  • Sexuality and sex
  • What types of support there are and how you can find one that suits you
  • If you’re thinking about telling someone that you are having sex for compensation and wonder how to tell them
  • Rights and legislation

The chat is open Mondays 14:00-16:00 and Wednesdays 17:00-19:00.